Entry Form

Please send the entry form in the post, or e-mail the information to us.

If you enter by email you can use the entry-form-text template. The [entry-form-text] link displays a simple text file.  You just select all the text in that file and paste it directly into your email. Then fill in the required fields and send to [Geoff].

If want to enter by post you can download and print the entry form. If you are a UK resident, and are enclosing a cheque, please make it payable to Paul Smith. Cheques must be in sterling and drawn on a UK bank. If you are resident outside the UK, please send in your form anyway and pay in cash (Stirling) at registration.

The [entry-form-pdf] link displays the entry-form.pdf file. Print it, fill in the form, and then post to Geoff (the address is on the form).

Concessionary rates are available to all persons under 16 and all persons in full time education under 30.   They may also be available to others on application – please email
[Andrea and Paul Smith] or [Geoff].

With your consent, your name and address will be held on computer record to enable us to keep you informed about future Congresses.   You can opt out on the form if needed.

You will notice on the form that a late entry fee applies after 30/6/2017. You will be sent a reminder before that date if you have not yet posted a cheque. Note also that members of national Go Associations (other than the BGA) count as BGA members, and do not need to pay the non-members surcharge.

If you would like any further information or details, please email [Andrea and Paul Smith] or [Geoff].


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