Go Festival 2017


  13th Isle of Man Go Festival  30 Jul – 4 Aug 2017

Venue: Cherry Orchard Apartments, Bridson Street, Port Erin, Isle of Man IM9 6AN

Website:  [www.cherry-orchard.com]

Festival info: Paul & Andrea Smith, 2 Townsend Close, Milton, Cambridge CB24 6DN ENGLAND

Tel:  01223 563932; Mobile: 07503 898934

Email: [andreapaulsmith@gmail.com]

Welcome to the 13th Isle of Man Go Festival, which is now a popular fixture in the BGA and European Go calendar.   The festival combines competitive Go with many friendly tournaments and social activities in a relaxed environment.  All Go players are welcome, especially double digit kyus, who will find plenty of opportunities to improve their game, with the wide variety of tournaments and friendly experienced players.   There will also be tuition sessions.

The Go Festival consists of 3 tournaments: the Main, Afternoon and Handicap tournaments.   The Main, held every morning, is a 5 round McMahon, with 90 minutes per player and 20 moves in 5 minutes overtime.   The Afternoon, on Sunday-Wednesday, is a 3 round McMahon with 60 minutes per player and 20 moves in 5 minutes overtime.   The Handicap Tournament, on Thursday and Friday afternoons, will use the legendary ‘Manx Handicap System’ – giving an extra stone to the weaker player – with sudden death time limits of 30 minutes each.


Day Time Event
Sun 30 Jul 09.30-10.15 Registration
11.00 Main Tournament   – 1st round
11.00 Non-players’   reception, Chequers Two Bar.
15.30 Afternoon   Tournament – 1st Round
19.30 Quiz
Mon 31 Jul 09.30 Teaching   Session Table 1
10.00 Main – 2nd   round
14.30 Afternoon – 2nd   round
17.00 Lecture –
19.30 Rengo   tournament
Tue 01 Aug Free day to   explore the Island.
Wed 02 Aug 09.30 Teaching   session – Table 1
10.00 Main – 3rd   round
14.30 Afternoon – 3rd   round
17.30 Lecture –
19.30 Alternative   Games evening.  Games may include   Shogi, Circular Go, Cathedral, Manx Monopoly, Liar Dice, Backgammon, and any   others that anyone brings along.
Thu 03 Aug 09.30 Teaching   Session – Table 1
10.00 Main – 4th   round
14.30 Handicap – 1st,   2nd & 3rd rounds
19.30 13 x 13   Tournament
Fri 04 Aug 09.30 Teaching   Session – Table 1
10.00 Main – 5th   Round
14.30 Handicap – 4th    & 5th rounds
18.00 Final Continuous   Lightning. Final Rengo. Chequers Two Bar
19.30 Buffet Dinner
21.00 Prizegiving

Port Erin is a quiet pretty seaside resort with a sandy beach and pleasant ambience.   There are many attractive walks around Port Erin, plus boat trips to the Calf of Man, an island wildlife sanctuary with a bird observatory and flock of Loughtan sheep.   Other places of interest are the Steam Railway Museum and the Marine Interpretation Centre.   The shops in Port Erin are fewer than in Douglas, but tend to have more character.   There is a supermarket close to the Congress Centre.   Port St Mary and Castletown are a short steam train or bus ride away.   There are several good eating places, sandwich bars and takeaways.

Festival Venue is the [Cherry Orchard].   The Congress room is light and comfortable, and a good variety of food and liquid refreshments are available on site.

Tuition   There will be 2 lectures in the main tournament room, plus informal tuition sessions and game analysis at 9.30 each morning.

Sandcastle Competition  The standard gets higher every time!!

Booking and Payment – UK entrants: Please send or e-mail the information on the Entry Form. Please book early to take advantage of the early booking discounts.   But – if you wish to keep your discounts, we MUST receive your payment BEFORE the Congress to enable registration to proceed as quickly as possible so that Round 1 can start on time.  


  • All payments must arrive before 30 June.
  • Payments received after 30 June must include the Late Entry Fee.
  • Registering on the day will incur a charge of £10.


We will send everyone an email reminder in June so that everyone can avoid the late entry fees.

Non-UK Entrants – payment of festival entry fee

Entrants from outside the UK who do not have sterling bank accounts with UK banks must pay  their entry fees in cash (that is, not by cheque) at registration.   Please send your entry form (without payment) in time to reach us before 30 April to receive the early booking discount, or 30 June 2017 to avoid the late entry fee.   Late entry fees will only be payable if we receive your entry form after 30 June 2017.

Accommodation and Transport:

Accommodation possibilities are shown in the [Accommodation] page.

Isle of Man Tourist Dept: Tel: 01624 686766 (tourist info) or 686868 (24 hr brochureline).   [www.visitisleofman.com] includes Accommodation Guide with more small guest houses, self-catering apartments and houses; details of travel by ferry and plane, with links to airlines and Steam Packet websites.    Information is also available on [www.information-britain.co.uk].



Mobile Phones – please check that your phone will work here – some UK mobile phones will only work here if they have roaming enabled.    Isle of Man SIM cards (Sure and Manx Telecom) can be obtained from some shops in Port Erin.


Peel Castle


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